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Walter Fyler started his business, Home Carpentry Building and Remodeling, in 1987 with a long history of carpentry experience. Smaller projects are what propelled the business to what it is today and through hard work and dedication to his customers, Walter’s business has grown and prospered. 

Walter worked solo for many years, until his son Stephen, at age 14, became old enough to be a carpenters helper.  Stephen learned every aspect of the business under his father’s guidance and has developed a passion for the carpentry trade.  As a father and son team, Walter and Stephen are a perfect mix of experience and youthful enthusiasm. They have a knack for gaining their clients confidence and guiding them through their projects with ease.

In the year 2000, Home Carpentry incorporated and expanded the business to include several employees. Walter, Stephen and their team have built a reputation for excellence that can’t be matched!